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BEST CARTOON EVER? Pixel Day 2017!

Posted by teaandcheese - January 21st, 2017

It took a year to create - and made by only two people - 'Isaac and Quincy' is finally online and part of Pixel Day 2017, hope you enjoy it :D http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/687469

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You guys made something a part of pixel day? Wow....i'm honored. I love you guys <3 I loved the 8-bit waterslide when it came out so many years ago on youtube. i've seen it outside of newgrounds too. I saw some of your other comedy bits on youtube months ago, good stuff. I'm a big fan so seeing something from you guys on Pixel Day is really awesome!

I'm the guy behind Pixel Day, Tom Fulp and I are gonna judge entries later in the week or so. Awesome to see those voice actors in the toon too! And the fact you two made this over a year, that's talented! <3 Question, did you make this specifically for Pixel Day, or what's the story behind it? I'm really curious! (It still counts don't worry) It's an impressive piece of animation. Loved it.

Hi Tom! Wow thanks dude :D

We didn't make it specifically for the event - more dumb luck timing - and if the criteria is normally to make something for the day then we don't want to take anything away from those that did.

We made it because 'Isaac and Quincy - The TV Show?' (2010) felt like unfinished business and we wanted to see those characters go on another - bigger - adventure!

The cartoon was made over the course of a year, we got a tiny bit of funding and did it as a full time thing.

We then sent it to film festivals around the world and it attracted an agent to the project. We then pitched it around La La Land as a TV show - we got very very close but ultimately it's probably a bit to weird XD

Anyway, we've finally put it online for the world to enjoy and BOOM, its Pixel Day 2017!

It's been amazing to see the reaction of the newgrounds community this past week - plus it's awesome that you in particular liked it - thank you for newgrounds :D

I'm not Tom, thats the guy who runs newgrounds :P lol was just saying I'm the guy behind Pixel Day and one of the judges, teehee. Ahh I see! That's really awesome. Shame, would've been nice to see more as a tv show, lots of work though I imagine. It's amazing that you guys chose to put it here, thanks for that! NG needs more artists, we lost a lot of the greats to youtube, but we still have a lot of great talented folks.

I'm sure Tom Fulp himself will love it when he gets back from his keynote in Virginia, he and I talked about judging sometime after Pixel Day so hopefully within the next week or so. I enjoyed watching your awesome animation. Keep it up guys. It would be cool to see more stopmotion pixel animation from you guys if you ever did that again, that was really neat too, and hilarious.

Keep up the great work! :)

Haha :) Awesome! Thanks for the kind words and it's great to hear
that you enjoyed the cartoon!

Pixel Day is an awesome idea and hope judging is fun :)

Note to self: when replying at six in the morning, read carefully XD

Haha! You're welcome! Thanks!

should be a adult swim show

Aww why did it get removed? Miss you guys.

It's back!